Accessories & Pneumatics

Kearsley Airways Ltd are proud to announce the new High Mass Air Flow Facility. After purchasing a similar facility from the MOD in South Wales, Kearsley engineers have designed and built a test rig which enables pneumatic components from a wide variety of aircraft platforms to be maintained and tested at our Stansted Airport site.
Max Sustained Pressure = 13 bar
Max Sustained Flow = 80lb/min
Max Temperature = 300°C
The following Components are just a sample of what is covered by this capability:
Temperature Sensor
Air Cycle Machine
Heat Exchanger
Cooling Turbine
Turbofan Pressure Regulator Control Valve
3.5 Inch Check Valve
Motor Operated Air Shut Off Valve
Nose Cowl Thermal Anti Ice Valve

To find out more on this capability please either refer to the Kearsley Capability Listing or contact the Sales department who will be happy to hear from you.
This section specialises in the Overhaul and Repair of Gearboxes, Driveshafts and Fuel Components including spin testing of gearboxes to 7,500 R.P.M. and beyond.
Gearboxes and Driveshafts for many other applications are also handled, for example wing flap, landing gear etc.
Engine bearer Frame overhaul and repair is carried out using special jigs to ensure accurate alignment of fittings and attachment points.

Kearsley Airways is an authorised Repair Station for CEF Industries for the following C-130 Components:
7088-1A Flap Gearboxes
8037M1/M2 Elevator Trim Tab Actuator
8067-1A/2A/3A/4A Elevator Trim Tab Actuator Screw Jack
8118/8118A Rudder & Aileron Dual Output Shaft Actuator
8347 Main Landing Gear Gearbox Assembly
8348M1 Main Landing Gear Manual Gearbox W/Brake
8353/M1/M2 Main Landing Gear Ball Screw Assembly
8372/M1/M2 Main Landing Gear Vertical Shaft Assembly
8373/M1/M2 Main Landing Gear Horizontal Shaft Assembly
8430/M1/M2/M3/M4   Main Landing Gear Ball Screw Assembly
8445/8446/8544 Wing Flap Ball Screw Assemblies
8545/8546 Wing Flap Ball Screw Assemblies
8445M1/8446M1 Wing Flap Ball Screw Assemblies
8545M1/8546M1 Wing Flap Ball Screw Assemblies
8518-5A/6A Elevator Trim Tab Actuator Screw Jack
8521 Main Landing Gear Right Angle Gearbox Assembly
8526 APU Door Actuator
8555M1- M7 Landing Light Assembly
8555M8/M9 Dual Mode Landing Light Assembly
8656/8656M2 Oil Cooler Door Actuator
8681 Elevator Trim Tab Actuator
For further information and details of our CEF Industries Repair Station approval then please contact the Kearsley's Sales Department, who will happy to hear from you.